A total of 3 loans were distributed to 50467 Iowa leading to a reported 6 jobs being retained. Based on the data, between $39,271 and $39,271 have been loaned through the Payroll Protection Program to businesses in 50467 Iowa.

Loan RangeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
$5-10M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$2-5M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$1-2M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$350k-1M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$150k-350k00 $0 - $0 View Loans
<$150k36$39.3kView Loans
Total36 $39.3k - $39.3k


LoanBusinessLocationJobs RetainedLoan ApprovedNAICS Description
$32,755.00UndisclosedRock Falls, IA 5046742020-04-08Grain and Field Bean Merchant Wh...
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$32,755.00
Business AddressJobs Retained4
City, State ZipROCK FALLS, IA 50467Date Approved2020-04-08
Business TypeCorporationNAICS Code424510
Race or EthnicityWhiteNAICS DescriptionGrain and Field Bean Merchant Wholesalers
GenderMale OwnedNAICS CategoryWholesale Trade
VeteranUnansweredLenderThe Home Trust & Savings Bank
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictIA - 04
$3,750.00UndisclosedRock Falls, IA 5046712020-05-08Household Appliance Stores
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$3,750.00
Business AddressJobs Retained1
City, State ZipROCK FALLS, IA 50467Date Approved2020-05-08
Business TypeSubchapter S CorporationNAICS Code443141
Race or EthnicityWhiteNAICS DescriptionHousehold Appliance Stores
GenderMale OwnedNAICS CategoryRetail Trade
VeteranUnansweredLenderFarmers State Bank
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictIA - 04
$2,766.00UndisclosedRock Falls, IA 5046712020-05-04Corn Farming
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$2,766.00
Business AddressJobs Retained1
City, State ZipROCK FALLS, IA 50467Date Approved2020-05-04
Business TypeSelf-Employed IndividualsNAICS Code111150
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionCorn Farming
GenderMale OwnedNAICS CategoryAgriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
VeteranUnansweredLenderFirst Security Bank & Trust Company
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictIA - 04
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CountyNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
Carpenter, IA17$26.1k - $26.1k
Clear Lake, IA2222,126$14.5M - $26.8M
Fertile, IA1252$329.2k - $529.2k
Floyd, IA175$1,000k - $2.0M
Grafton, IA2029$193.3k - $193.3k
Hanlontown, IA414$138.5k - $138.5k
Kensett, IA211$160.3k - $360.3k
Manly, IA31107$829k - $1.0M
Mason City, IA4765,997$39.4M - $77.4M
Nora Springs, IA27133$1.2M - $2.5M
Northwood, IA97578$3.3M - $5.5M
Orchard, IA327$187.8k - $387.8k
Osage, IA9673$5.5M - $13.1M
Rock Falls, IA36$39.3k - $39.3k
Rockford, IA224$300k - $700k
Rockwell, IA42181$1.1M - $1.7M
St. Ansgar, IA102687$3.1M - $5.9M
Toeterville, IA24$14.6k - $14.6k
Zip CodeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
504014715,971$39.1M - $77.1M
5042617$26.1k - $26.1k
504282222,126$14.5M - $26.8M
504341252$329.2k - $529.2k
5043520158$1.3M - $2.3M
504402029$193.3k - $193.3k
50444514$148.8k - $148.8k
5044825106$728.3k - $928.3k
5045631107$829k - $1.0M
5045827133$1.2M - $2.5M
5045997578$3.3M - $5.5M
504611761,336$9.6M - $17.1M
504641332$287.3k - $287.3k
5046736$39.3k - $39.3k
504685185$907.2k - $1.3M
5046942181$1.1M - $1.7M
504712874$412.7k - $412.7k
50472102687$3.1M - $5.9M