A total of 3 loans were distributed to 52581 Iowa leading to a reported 31 jobs being retained. Based on the data, between $156,691 and $156,691 have been loaned through the Payroll Protection Program to businesses in 52581 Iowa.

Loan RangeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
$5-10M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$2-5M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$1-2M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$350k-1M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$150k-350k00 $0 - $0 View Loans
<$150k331$156.7kView Loans
Total331 $156.7k - $156.7k


LoanBusinessLocationJobs RetainedLoan ApprovedNAICS Description
$121,215.00UndisclosedPlano, IA 52581172020-04-10New Multifamily Housing Construc...
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$121,215.00
Business AddressJobs Retained17
City, State ZipPLANO, IA 52581Date Approved2020-04-10
Business TypeSubchapter S CorporationNAICS Code236116
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionNew Multifamily Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)
GenderUnansweredNAICS CategoryConstruction
VeteranUnansweredLenderFarmers Bank of Northern Missouri
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictIA - 02
$20,679.17UndisclosedPlano, IA 52581112020-04-06Full-Service Restaurants
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$20,679.17
Business AddressJobs Retained11
City, State ZipPLANO, IA 52581Date Approved2020-04-06
Business TypeLimited Liability Company(LLC)NAICS Code722511
Race or EthnicityWhiteNAICS DescriptionFull-Service Restaurants
GenderFemale OwnedNAICS CategoryAccommodation and Food Services
VeteranUnansweredLenderIowa Trust and Savings Bank
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictIA - 02
$14,797.22UndisclosedPlano, IA 5258132020-04-08Recreational and Vacation Camps ...
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$14,797.22
Business AddressJobs Retained3
City, State ZipPLANO, IA 52581Date Approved2020-04-08
Business TypeNon-Profit OrganizationNAICS Code721214
Race or EthnicityWhiteNAICS DescriptionRecreational and Vacation Camps (except Campgrounds)
GenderFemale OwnedNAICS CategoryAccommodation and Food Services
VeteranUnansweredLenderIowa Trust and Savings Bank
Non-ProfitYCongressional DistrictIA - 02
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CountyNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
Albia, IA1051,015$7.5M - $15.7M
Allerton, IA1133$301.4k - $301.4k
Centerville, IA1211,105$7.1M - $10.8M
Chariton, IA91735$3.8M - $6.0M
Cincinnati, IA44$46.3k - $46.3k
Corydon, IA36422$4.3M - $8.9M
Exline, IA415$48.2k - $48.2k
Melrose, IA1032$59.2k - $59.2k
Moravia, IA31130$489k - $489k
Mystic, IA423$185.5k - $385.5k
Numa, IA11$6.4k - $6.4k
Plano, IA331$156.7k - $156.7k
Powersville, MO388$21.6k - $21.6k
Promise City, IA885$459.4k - $1.1M
Russell, IA1227$179.8k - $179.8k
Seymour, IA1023$101.4k - $101.4k
Udell, IA11$8.5k - $8.5k
Unionville, IA317$78.2k - $78.2k
Zip CodeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
500081032$289.5k - $289.5k
5004991735$3.8M - $6.0M
5006037423$4.3M - $8.9M
502381227$179.8k - $179.8k
525311051,015$7.5M - $15.7M
525441221,106$7.1M - $10.8M
5254944$46.3k - $46.3k
52555415$48.2k - $48.2k
525691032$59.2k - $59.2k
5257131130$489k - $489k
525721486$629.2k - $1.3M
52574423$185.5k - $385.5k
52581331$156.7k - $156.7k
52583885$459.4k - $1.1M
525901023$101.4k - $101.4k
5259311$8.5k - $8.5k
52594317$78.2k - $78.2k
64672388$21.6k - $21.6k