A total of 3 loans were distributed to 52242 Iowa leading to a reported 43 jobs being retained. Based on the data, between $168,752 and $168,752 have been loaned through the Payroll Protection Program to businesses in 52242 Iowa.

Loan RangeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
$5-10M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$2-5M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$1-2M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$350k-1M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$150k-350k00 $0 - $0 View Loans
<$150k343$168.8kView Loans
Total343 $168.8k - $168.8k


LoanBusinessLocationJobs RetainedLoan ApprovedNAICS Description
$108,700.00UndisclosedIowa City, IA 52242402020-04-11Newspaper Publishers
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$108,700.00
Business AddressJobs Retained40
City, State ZipIOWA CITY, IA 52242Date Approved2020-04-11
Business TypeNon-Profit OrganizationNAICS Code511110
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionNewspaper Publishers
GenderUnansweredNAICS CategoryInformation
VeteranUnansweredLenderMidWestOne Bank
Non-ProfitYCongressional DistrictIA - 02
$44,800.00UndisclosedIowa City, IA 5224222020-04-07Civic and Social Organizations
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$44,800.00
Business AddressJobs Retained2
City, State ZipIOWA CITY, IA 52242Date Approved2020-04-07
Business TypeNon-Profit OrganizationNAICS Code813410
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionCivic and Social Organizations
GenderUnansweredNAICS CategoryOther Services (except Public Administration)
VeteranUnansweredLenderHills Bank and Trust Company
Non-ProfitYCongressional DistrictIA - 02
$15,252.00UndisclosedIowa City, IA 5224212020-04-30Elementary and Secondary Schools
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$15,252.00
Business AddressJobs Retained1
City, State ZipIOWA CITY, IA 52242Date Approved2020-04-30
Business TypeSole ProprietorshipNAICS Code611110
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionElementary and Secondary Schools
GenderUnansweredNAICS CategoryEducational Services
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictIA - 02
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CountyNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
Coralville, IA4375,456$34.5M - $63.3M
Ely, IA24145$1.5M - $2.7M
Hills, IA8289$2.7M - $6.6M
Homestead, IA1256$292.7k - $292.7k
Iowa City, IA96412,339$74M - $133.2M
Kalona, IA1111,056$5.9M - $10.9M
Lisbon, IA77823$6.4M - $13.2M
Lone Tree, IA1985$456.2k - $656.2k
Mount Vernon, IA1021,238$6.8M - $13.1M
Nichols, IA951$364.6k - $564.6k
North Liberty, IA2562,573$20M - $37.7M
Oxford, IA2110$500k - $1.4M
Riverside, IA54295$2.2M - $3.2M
Solon, IA122927$5.5M - $8.9M
Swisher, IA67469$3.2M - $5.9M
Tiffin, IA56510$2.8M - $3.8M
West Branch, IA5188$1.6M - $3.4M
West Liberty, IA102535$4.3M - $6.8M
Zip CodeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
5222724145$1.5M - $2.7M
522358289$2.7M - $6.6M
522361256$292.7k - $292.7k
522405627,531$43.7M - $77.3M
522414405,472$34.6M - $63.5M
52242343$168.8k - $168.8k
522451972,262$12.7M - $22.1M
522461812,195$15.1M - $29.1M
522471111,056$5.9M - $10.9M
523172582,572$20.1M - $37.8M
5232242241$1.2M - $2.0M
5232754295$2.2M - $3.2M
52333122927$5.5M - $8.9M
5233867469$3.2M - $5.9M
5234056510$2.8M - $3.8M
5235869536$3.8M - $6.0M
527551985$456.2k - $656.2k
52776102535$4.3M - $6.8M