A total of 2 loans were distributed to 43722 Ohio leading to a reported 16 jobs being retained. Based on the data, between $159,500 and $359,500 have been loaned through the Payroll Protection Program to businesses in 43722 Ohio.

Loan RangeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
$5-10M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$2-5M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$1-2M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$350k-1M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$150k-350k112 $150k - $350k View Loans
<$150k14$9.5kView Loans
Total216 $159.5k - $359.5k


LoanBusinessLocationJobs RetainedLoan ApprovedNAICS Description
$150,000-350,000United Hospitality ResourcesBuffalo, OH 43722122020-05-03Janitorial Services
Business NameUnited Hospitality ResourcesLoan Amount$150,000-350,000
Business Address11998 CLAY PIKE RDJobs Retained12
City, State ZipBUFFALO, OH 43722Date Approved2020-05-03
Business TypeSubchapter S CorporationNAICS Code561720
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionJanitorial Services
GenderUnansweredNAICS CategoryAdministrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services
VeteranUnansweredLenderPNC Bank, National Association
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictOH - 06
$9,500.00UndisclosedBuffalo, OH 4372242020-05-06Civic and Social Organizations
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$9,500.00
Business AddressJobs Retained4
City, State ZipBUFFALO, OH 43722Date Approved2020-05-06
Business TypeNon-Profit OrganizationNAICS Code813410
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionCivic and Social Organizations
GenderUnansweredNAICS CategoryOther Services (except Public Administration)
VeteranUnansweredLenderPNC Bank, National Association
Non-ProfitYCongressional DistrictOH - 06
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CountyNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
Barnesville, OH95917$5.1M - $8.2M
Belle Valley, OH581$338.8k - $538.8k
Buffalo, OH216$159.5k - $359.5k
Byesville, OH37364$1.4M - $1.8M
Caldwell, OH63586$3.2M - $5.0M
Cambridge, OH2283,013$19.9M - $36.1M
Cumberland, OH749$372.6k - $572.6k
Dexter City, OH9170$2.4M - $4.6M
Kimbolton, OH727$174.8k - $174.8k
Lore City, OH1172$380.8k - $580.8k
New Concord, OH46666$3.8M - $8.5M
Norwich, OH12111$837.6k - $1.7M
Old Washington, OH331$171.3k - $371.3k
Pleasant City, OH970$451.8k - $451.8k
Quaker City, OH13141$959.1k - $2.3M
Salesville, OH46$58.3k - $58.3k
Sarahsville, OH421$77.9k - $77.9k
Senecaville, OH952$186.6k - $186.6k
Zip CodeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
43717581$338.8k - $538.8k
43722216$159.5k - $359.5k
4372338364$1.4M - $1.8M
4372463586$3.2M - $5.0M
437252273,013$19.9M - $36.1M
43727510$43.2k - $43.2k
43732749$372.6k - $572.6k
43749727$174.8k - $174.8k
43754748$326.1k - $526.1k
437551172$380.8k - $580.8k
4376246666$3.8M - $8.5M
4376712111$837.6k - $1.7M
43768331$171.3k - $371.3k
43772970$451.8k - $451.8k
4377313141$959.1k - $2.3M
4377846$58.3k - $58.3k
43779527$136.3k - $136.3k
43780952$186.6k - $186.6k