A total of 4 loans were distributed to 43766 Ohio leading to a reported 20 jobs being retained. Based on the data, between $72,196 and $72,196 have been loaned through the Payroll Protection Program to businesses in 43766 Ohio.

Loan RangeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
$5-10M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$2-5M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$1-2M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$350k-1M00 $0 - $0 View Loans
$150k-350k00 $0 - $0 View Loans
<$150k420$72.2kView Loans
Total420 $72.2k - $72.2k


LoanBusinessLocationJobs RetainedLoan ApprovedNAICS Description
$40,500.00UndisclosedNew Straitsville, OH 43766122020-04-30Limited-Service Restaurants
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$40,500.00
Business AddressJobs Retained12
City, State ZipNEW STRAITSVILLE, OH 43766Date Approved2020-04-30
Business TypeLimited Liability Company(LLC)NAICS Code722513
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionLimited-Service Restaurants
GenderMale OwnedNAICS CategoryAccommodation and Food Services
VeteranUnansweredLenderNorth Valley Bank
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictOH - 15
$27,000.00UndisclosedNew Straitsville, OH 4376642020-04-16General Freight Trucking, Long-D...
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$27,000.00
Business AddressJobs Retained4
City, State ZipNEW STRAITSVILLE, OH 43766Date Approved2020-04-16
Business TypeSubchapter S CorporationNAICS Code484121
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionGeneral Freight Trucking, Long-Distance, Truckload
GenderUnansweredNAICS CategoryTransportation and Warehousing
VeteranUnansweredLenderJPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictOH - 15
$2,985.00UndisclosedNew Straitsville, OH 4376632020-04-30Administrative Management and Ge...
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$2,985.00
Business AddressJobs Retained3
City, State ZipNEW STRAITSVILLE, OH 43766Date Approved2020-04-30
Business TypeNon-Profit OrganizationNAICS Code541611
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS DescriptionAdministrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
GenderUnansweredNAICS CategoryProfessional, Scientific, and Technical Services
VeteranUnansweredLenderCross River Bank
Non-ProfitYCongressional DistrictOH - 15
$1,711.00UndisclosedNew Straitsvl, OH 4376612020-05-03
Business NameUndisclosedLoan Amount$1,711.00
Business AddressJobs Retained1
City, State ZipNEW STRAITSVL, OH 43766Date Approved2020-05-03
Business TypeLimited Liability Company(LLC)NAICS Code
Race or EthnicityUnansweredNAICS Description
GenderUnansweredNAICS Category
VeteranUnansweredLenderU.S. Bank, National Association
Non-ProfitCongressional DistrictOH - 15
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CountyNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
Bremen, OH28209$1.4M - $2.3M
Corning, OH840$221.5k - $221.5k
Crooksville, OH16322$2.7M - $6.3M
Glouster, OH753$224.8k - $224.8k
Junction City, OH1139$270.1k - $470.1k
Logan, OH1702,570$14.1M - $26.8M
Nelsonville, OH41714$3.9M - $7.9M
New Lexington, OH68898$5.1M - $9.0M
New Marshfield, OH527$218.5k - $418.5k
New Straitsville, OH420$72.2k - $72.2k
Rockbridge, OH14140$537.3k - $737.3k
Roseville, OH11182$1.0M - $2.3M
Rushville, OH1454$1.2M - $2.2M
Shawnee, OH534$159.1k - $159.1k
Somerset, OH42307$1.7M - $2.7M
Sugar Grove, OH18146$1.1M - $1.5M
The Plains, OH24223$1.3M - $2.1M
Trimble, OH27$27k - $27k
Zip CodeNo. of LoansJobs RetainedAmount Loaned
4310730224$1.6M - $2.5M
431381702,570$14.1M - $26.8M
431501556$1.2M - $2.2M
4315518146$1.1M - $1.5M
4315824$16.2k - $16.2k
43730840$221.5k - $221.5k
4373116322$2.7M - $6.3M
437481139$270.1k - $470.1k
4375816135$779.6k - $1.6M
4376468898$5.1M - $9.0M
43766420$72.2k - $72.2k
43782421$107k - $107k
4378342307$1.7M - $2.7M
45732753$224.8k - $224.8k
45761836$210k - $210k
4576441714$3.9M - $7.9M
4578023202$1.1M - $1.7M
4578227$27k - $27k